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Helping Children Deal with Grief

Helping Children Deal with Grief

Most children have some concept of death, having seen it pictured in cartoons or movies. Being aware of death and having to face it firsthand, however, are two different matters. When a child’s life is touched by death, he may have a hard time coping with grief and sorrow. Here are a few ways you can help children deal with their grief so they can move on.  

Offer Comfort and Assurance

No two children react exactly the same when it comes to death in the family. Some children become extremely emotional and cry. Others grow silent and withdrawn. A child may experience anxiety over his future, angry at the deceased for leaving him alone or guilty if he feels he may be at fault. Although these feelings are normal, they shouldn’t be ignored.

Your child needs comfort and assurance that everything will be all right after losing a loved one. They will need to know you care. Many children will have questions that need answering. Others simply need to be held and loved. It’s important to make yourself available, so your child knows they are not alone.  

Encourage Kids to Talk

Encourage your child to talk about their feelings and listen to what they have to say. Expressing feelings is one way children cope with their pain. If your little one can’t put their emotions into words, suggest drawing a picture or sharing a memory about the deceased to get them to open up and cope with grief. It’s important kids learn how to communicate their feelings to get emotional support in overcoming difficult situations in their lives.

If your family grew up believing in an afterlife, comfort your child with thoughts of heaven and how you’ll one day be together again. Reassure them that your loved one will always be with them in the heart and mind.

Your child needs comfort and assurance that everything will be all right after losing a loved one. They will need to know you care.

Discuss the Immediate Future

A loved one’s death may cause a child to worry about the future. Older children, in particular, may be fearful or anxious about changes to come. By discussing the immediate future, such as who will care for the child, where they will live, who will take them to school, etc., your child will know what to expect, eliminating the fear of the unknown. The sooner your child can return to a normal routine, the better. The support of family and friends will help them overcome sadness quicker and move on with life.  

Plan Funeral Services

If your child feels up to it, encourage them to attend the funeral. Discuss with them in advance what to expect from the ceremony so they can prepare. Encourage them to participate by lighting a candle, sharing a memory or placing a photo or drawing on the casket. Funerals can help kids find closure as they get a chance to say goodbye to the one they love.

At Pearson Funeral Home, we offer professional grief services that can help you and your family through the difficulties of losing someone special in your life. Call us at 502-896-0349 to get the emotional encouragement and support you need.