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Memorial Services for Military Personnel

Memorial Services for Military Personnel

Many of today’s veterans are eligible for military memorial services for their burial free of cost. Families who want military funeral honors for a member of their family who has served in the military should request this service upon their loved one’s demise. Through a military funeral service, you can pay tribute to your loved one’s service in the Armed Forces, honoring the sacrifices he or she made for his or her country.


To be eligible for military memorial services with honors, the deceased has to have been:

  • A current member of the military on active duty at the time of death
  • A military retiree
  • A current or former member of Selected Reserve
  • An eligible military veteran or
  • A veteran with at least one term of enlisted service which departed the military under circumstances other than dishonorable discharge

Military funeral services can be arranged through your funeral director. They will contact the branch of the military your loved one served to make the necessary accommodations for the funeral.

After Taps is played, members of the honor guard will commence the procedure of "folding the flag" - a tradition that's been handed down for generations.

Military Memorial Ceremony 

Military memorial services follow specific steps and procedures in commemorating deceased military personnel. First, an honor guard consisting of two or more military personnel, one of which represents the branch of the military under which the deceased served, will be asked to attend your loved one’s funeral to help with the ceremony.

In a traditional funeral, the American flag is draped over the decease’s casket, and members of the honor guard assist in carrying the casket to the grave site. At the grave site, a clergyman or family member may give a brief memorial service to include a synopsis of the decease’s time in the military. This service may be followed by a military gun salute and/or a bugle rendition of Taps. (If no military personnel are available to play the bugle, a recording will be provided).

After Taps plays, members of the honor guard will commence the procedure of “folding the flag” - a tradition handed down for generations. The flag is then presented to the deceased’s spouse or other designated family member as a keepsake.

By adding military funeral honors to your loved one’s memorial service, you acknowledge his or her military accomplishments in the presence of those he or she loved. Your extended “military family” shares equally in your loss.

At Pearson Funeral Home, we share your vision to honor and respect your loved one who has served our country well. Our professional staff has years of experience in planning meaningful military services. We take care of all documentation to apply for these services and coordinate details for your ceremony to ensure your loved one receives the recognition he or she deserves. To learn more about military funeral services, contact us at 502-896-0349.

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