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5 Ideas for a Funny, Witty, or Unusual Epitaph

5 Ideas for a Funny, Witty, or Unusual Epitaph

Epitaphs are the messages added to gravestones and other memorial markers to sum up the life and legacy of the person being remembered. It's traditional to add the name, birth date, and death date to the marker, but anything else is up to the person who passed away and their family members. It's not uncommon for people to write their own epitaph ideas long before they pass away, and lifelong jokers often prefer to be remembered with a joke rather than on a sad note. Consider these five ideas for a unique epitaph for your memorial services.

Use an Anagram

Want to include a secret message or hide a word in your epitaph? Add a poem or set of phrases where the first letters all spell out something separately in an anagram. Some people have used this trick to leave rather inappropriate messages to guests visiting their grave markers.

Rely on a Catch Phrase

Take a page from Merv Griffin's book and use a catchphrase the person was known for saying, or a play on it. For example, Griffin's grave has a twist on his famous statement about being back after these messages, which he used to state hundreds of times a year while recording as a television announcer.

Remember a Hobby

Did the person who passed away love to paint watercolors, whittle on wood, or go fly fishing? Incorporate their favorite activities into their epitaphs or the shape of the gravestone itself. Some people have even included Sudoku puzzles or entire crosswords with clues on their gravestones so visitors can join in on one last game.

Incorporate their favorite activities into their epitaphs or the shape of their grave.

Make a Joke

If you are known for bad puns and jokes so terrible that they make people groan, it's only natural to use a knock-knock gag or some other equally cheesy line in your funeral services. Consider leaving behind an entire list of your worst and most lame jokes so that everyone can work together to choose the one that best represents you in their memories.

Declare a Hard Stance

Did you wait to make a statement about something, or never stopped saying exactly what you felt on a certain topic? Keep talking about it by writing out your feelings in an epitaph. There are plenty of great examples of political and social stances taken on tombstones so that all future generations know exactly where someone stood on an issue.

No matter how you want to be remembered after you are gone, Pearson's Funeral Home is here to help you and your loved ones in a difficult time. Contact us at any point before you pass away, or after the death of someone in your family, to start the planning process for a memorial and funeral service.

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