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Finding Your Loved Ones Final Resting Place: What to Do With Cremation Ashes

Finding Your Loved Ones Final Resting Place: What to Do With Cremation Ashes

Cremation is becoming more popular these days. While it may be an easier way to take care of a body after death, it can leave relatives wondering what to do with their loved ones ashes after funeral services are complete.

Scattering the ashes of the deceased is one way to handle the situation, but what if your family wants a way to memorialize your deceased loved one?  In that case, you have a variety of options.

Burial in a Cremation Plot

Most cemeteries allow clients to bury urns in a standard burial plot. This gives the family a place to set a memorial stone and visit. Since urns take up very little space, it is common for several to be interned in a single plot. This can be a significant cost saving for larger families who would like to purchase a designated family plot area for those who have been cremated.

Burial in an Urn Garden Plot

Not everyone wants a standard burial for their loved one. Cremation services allow the family to choose the kind of burial they prefer. One way to handle the ashes is to put them in an urn garden. Many cemeteries offer community urn gardens where ashes are placed in smaller plots within a garden, inside of a memorial bench, rock, marker or even a sundial. For many, this is a much more significant way to memorialize their loved ones.

Your municipality may allow your loved one's ashes to be memorialized in a bench or sundial.

Burial in a Columbarium

Unlike a standard mausoleum, which houses the entire body, today’s modern columbarium allow many urns to be placed in niches within the building. Since the building can be as large or small as necessary, individual families can build their own, or hundreds of urns can be kept in a community columbarium. Allowing families a way to publicly store their urns, this unique burial option offers an easy way to memorialize a loved one without the cost and space of a traditional burial plot.

Burial in a Private Plot

If you live in an area which allows urns to be buried on private land, you may opt to do so right at home. Even if the entire urn cannot be buried in a private plot, your municipality may allow your loved one's ashes to be memorialized in a bench or sundial and then placed in your own private garden area. This is a wonderful option for the families of deceased children, who need the closeness this cremation option offers.

Finding the Right Cremation Services in Louisville 

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