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Examining the Coming Trends in Funeral Services

Examining the Coming Trends in Funeral Services

Perhaps nothing indicates changing cultural norms quite like honoring a loved one who has passed on. Funeral trends vary not just from culture to culture, but from generation to generation. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, families are increasingly seeking out funeral services that reflect personal ethics, geographical challenges, and financial constraints.   

Eco-Friendly Trends

Increasingly, people are seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives to burial and traditional cremation. An alkaline water-based cremation, for example, uses less energy than flame-based cremation and avoids sending smoke into the atmosphere. In turn, both traditional and alternative cremations not only reduce the need for resources like wood or metal for coffins, but they cut down on fuel used for hearses and family limos.

In some areas, such biodegradable cremation urns are legal for human and for pet use. In addition, more people are opting to use urns containing a tree seed, so that as the urn decomposes, a tree emerges to commemorate the loved one. 

Practical Solutions

Another psychological shift involves families expecting practical solutions for final expenses and being more candid with both funeral directors and the people in their lives about budgetary issues. In fact, sites like FuneralFund allow friends and community members to contribute to the cost of honoring a loved one.

More people are opting to use urns containing a tree seed, so that as the urn decomposes, a tree emerges to mark the site.

Partly in response to parishioners’ financial concerns, religions that once banned cremation option are now allowing this more affordable option as long as certain guidelines are followed. More families are finding this a welcome development, especially if the loved one needs to be moved a significant distance to his or her final resting place. Funeral directors report that the rising cost of fuel, combined with families becoming more scattered than they once were, make transferring an urn much more affordable than the cost of moving a casket.  

Futuristic Trends

As an alternative to the interment of ashes, new technology allows for them to be turned into gemstones, or even woven into an ocean reef. Another futuristic option? Adding a computer chip to headstones and other markers, which allows visitors the ability to access more information about your loved one. A related website contains the same information, which the family creates and updates as desired.  

In addition, one trend increasingly popular in Asia may eventually work its way to the more crowded regions of the U.S., experts say. Because final resting places are at a premium, facilities known as “skyscraper graveyards” store urns with a loved one’s ashes in stackable vaults. Automated robotic arms retrieve the arms when families come to pay respects.

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